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5 out of 5 stars ***** Great product. Cutting Globe 5*****
By ger on 15 July 
I have used the cutting globe on 3 different plants with fantastic results each time. Roots were fully developed by 7/8 weeks. Very easy to follow instructions also.I used rooting hormone on 2 and honey on the Cherry Blossom which rooted in just over 6 weeks.
I currently have 3 more on the go in the garden and hope to expect the same results.
Pity I didn't know about this year's ago.
I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to expand their plant range for little effort.

5 out of 5 stars ***** I have had great success using this simple ingenious cutting globe
 MR JOHN GRENHAM on 23 Aug. 
I have had great success using this simple ingenious cutting globe. In particular I was able to take cuttings from magnolia and apple tree which are now growing in my own garden. Basically all you need to do I cut away about 1 inch of the bark from a suitable branch using the sharpest knife you have . then apply some rooting hormone ( powder or liquid). Fill the cutting globe with some compost and then clamp it around the branch. for the apple tree I left it over the winter and remembered to check it about the following march. The globe was full of new roots. I just cut the branch off about 4 inches below the globe to leaving me with a new apple tree about 4 feet high. I planted the magnolia in a large pot for the first year and it flowered really well last spring. ( see picture)
Apparently the technique is ancient but the Cutting Globe makes the whole exercise really easy. Great when you see a plant you like in a friends gardens . I also propagated some blackcurrant bushes last year which gave fruit this summer. For a modest price you can expand the variety in your garden or propagate your own plants for your own use or as gifts virtually free.
I would recommend the Cutting globe to anyone with any interest in gardening 

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