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 #cuttingglobe your reusable propagation friend. 

The only limitation is your imagination!

Cuttingglobe is the latest innovative accessory to help gardeners propagate a vast amount of trees and shrubs in their gardens. From climbing plants ,roses ,hedging,trees, fruit bushes the possibilities is endless , cutting globes 3 size propagators is the answer to all gardeners plant propagation needs. 

Cuttingglobe plant propagators are reusable and can be used from early spring to late autumn indoors and out .

 Cuttingglobe 3 sizes can accommodate branches or stems from 5mm to 20mm in diameter, ensuring maximum ratio from stem to root ball for a successful transplant . The globes come in two parts to make it easy to fill with moss peat ,red to be faced toward the sun to reduce the amount of algae build up ,clear so as we can see the roots growing clearly so gardeners can propagate plants successfully of any shape or size they want . They firmly grip together with our 3 click closure  to ensure maximum rigidity on the tree or shrub you are propagating .
The propagation method we are using is called Airlayering used for over 4000 years so tried and successfully tested ..
so easy to do  ...and we do it while it  is still attached to the mother plant 
Pick a branch you would like to propagate.
remove a ring (1 inch) of Bark and green cambium all the way around .
paste with a hormone powder  
fill globe up with a  damp moss peat and clip around wound ..
wait approx 8 weeks and watch as we see roots on the clear side of the globe ..
when globe is full remove by cutting under the globe... you have a new plant/clone (mature and 
ready to flower or fruit  )
Cuttingglobe is the quickest, easiest and most versatile system for propagating  garden plants and trees  – including  tropical indoor plants, climbers ,fruit trees and plants worldwide . In fact, just about anything the imagination can think of in your garden .
Cuttingglobe plant propagators  are made from recycled plastic, which has outstanding heat and weather resistance. 
Cuttingglobes can be used over and over again for many years. 
Cuttingglobes are sold in 3 different size packs  and our new multipack kits. The packs contain 6 (1 inch) globes with closure pins ,medium has two in a pack and the large is a single all with full instructions and suggested uses. The recommended selling price of the packs,  small, medium and large globe is £4.95. Following its successful launch at Bloom 2015,
Cuttingglobe packs  will be available from garden centres and other retailers, or they can be bought mail order direct from Cuttingglobe Products or ordered online at ..full list of stockists on website in Ireland ,UK,USA,SWEDEN,OMAN,NORWAY,BELGIUM,NETHERLANDS 

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Notes to Editors 
Cuttingglobe propagation kits are available for editorial giveaways, reader offers and competition prizes. Further information, videos and details of Cuttingglobes can be found on the website – 
Cuttingglobes are available now. For further information, images or samples for editorial review, contact Liam O Meara  at Cuttingglobe Products Limited, Abbeyvie House, unit 1a, Ballyglass ,Kilconnell Ballinasloe Co Galway 0879882804 OFFICE 0909686546  Email

Background & history Invented by gardener Liam O Meara, Cuttingglobe creation came about after a frustrating time trying to use bits of plastic bags and was astonished that there wasn't  an existing product. Liam says: “Fed up with sharing my Airlayers with rabbits, pigeons and other birds, the frustration of fiddling around with string and pointless foil i had to come up with a product that would click all the boxes “After that, I decided to have a go at inventing something myself! I had the concept but no product
stopping the light but yet  i had to see the roots ,a product that would give me a root to stem ratio required for a successful transplant ,reusable and a quick, easy and user friendly product .over the next few years with many prototypes researched we finally developed the cutting globe and turned my idea into a product.cutting globe has been very successful to date with several appearances on national tv and press in the UK and Ireland ..