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#CUTTINGGLOBE .. plant propagators 

A  product  specially designed to take a good size root ball to support a good sized cutting .
The cutting globe facilitates a propagation method called air layering used for nearly 4000 years (tried and tested). The small globe is designed to take cuttings from climbers and long stemmed slim plants. The large globe is designed to take larger cuttings from shrubs and trees….
Design features include ...

3 click locking on medium and large and NEW locking pins for small Globes..

Ratio between hole and globe for maximum root growth to stem .

90 percent of your branches will NOT be straight so we have designed the globes with percentage unalignment  to help you get a stress free successful new plant .

Red side to block the light reducing algae build up ..

clear side so as you can see the roots appearing 

can be washed out and used again and again .

How do I use it?

By selecting a stem or branch on your shrub or tree that will fill the hole on your #CUTTINGGLOBE. Ring the bark in two places 24 mm apart. Peel away all around. Scrape off any green cambium layer that might be left behind. Paste your wound with a rooting hormone powder/gel. Fill your #CUTTINGGLOBE with damp moss peat. Place CUTTING GLOBE around wound and clip into place.Do not overfill and keep closing ridges clear .. Wait until roots have filled your CUTTING GLOBE. Cut off your now established root ball. Plant is now ready to be planted out or into a pot.(Keep Watering)

What can I use it on?

Roses- Trees-Shrubs-Climbers-Annuals-Perennials-Fruit Bushes-Fruit Trees-Hedging plants-House Plants and much much more.
Other uses.
Grow shops: For the cloning of plants by Organics or Hydroponics.
Hydroponics: By placing a hydroponic medium into the CUTTING GLOBE filled with nutrient water.

95mm CUTTING GLOBE for trees, shrubs roses etc.
69mm CUTTING GLOBE smaller branches of trees ,and shrubs both indoor and out
29mm CUTTING GLOBE for shrubs, climbers, house plants etc.

Climbers or soft fleshed stemmed plants: Run a blade into the stem, cutting at an angle in an upward direction and placing a piece of paper to divide the wound, to stop it from mending and place compost filled #CUTTINGGLOBE around the wound.

Why use the CUTTING GLOBE?

For over 4000 years gardeners have been air layering plants and shrubs with great success . Bonsai masters have perfected this method of propagation and continue to this day to use it with great success . There are many advantages to using the CUTTING GLOBE to airlayer your trees and shrubs etc. The predrilled holes give you a good root to stem ratio for your plants to develop once removed from the globe. Ideal for indoor plants that have grown leggy through the loss of lower foliage. For plants that are hard to root with traditional forms of propagation. The size of your cutting can be a lot bigger than your traditional method therefore saving you years in growing time. Some plants take years to flower and fruit but with this method and with your new CUTTING GLOBE your plant will flower or fruit in its first year . You can have several CUTTING GLOBES on any one plant. For hydroponics you can substitute soil for Rockwool or sponge.


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